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Gardens By The Bay Day!

Vivien Yap

Two weeks ago, we went to Gardens by the Bay for some water play time! We started off really excited as it was to be Lil X's first time in a Water Play garden...

They had a Fish Fountain and Water Park area but honestly, we weren't very impressed. Sure, the Marina Bay Sands and Dome skylines made for beautiful photo backdrops. But other than spraying one another with the water sprouting out from the stone fishes, there really wasn't much to play with. Not to mention the fishes were as hard as rocks. Oh wait a minute... They ARE rocks! 

Same for the Water Play area which only showered down much water.. But i guess with kids, some times all they need for a good time was just some water and a whole lot of imagination!

It's still too early to tell whether Lil X is a water baby. So far, he hasn't been super excited when playing with water. He's curious for sure... And he definitely is unafraid of splashes of water to his face as you can see from the above picture! Atta boy! 

It was also here that Axl had his first slide ride with XiaoYi! Think he was too tired and stoned to even enjoy or know what it was... Haha! There's always a next time i guess...