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Join me in my journey as a new mother to my lil' precious babe, Axl Sim!

Beyond recording his milestones and growth, I'd be sharing different facets of my life like my experiences as a new mummy, my love for all things fashion, beauty, plus travel adventures and simply... life!

I truly believe that being a mum doesn't mean the end of yourself and need not be all consuming... That you can still pursue your passions and live your dreams while being an awesome mum to your child; all these while looking(ok sometimes!) and more importantly, feeling great! 

Besides all things runway, one of my biggest passion is sowing into the lives of the younger generation! I spend a huge chunk of my time in youth volunteerism and count it a great privilege to mentor and guide them through life! 

I'd love to meet you fellow mummies out there, so feel free to connect with me at I'd love hear your thoughts, passions, experiences and just about anything under the sun. Or if you or you know of mummies who are struggling and simply need a listening ear, feel free to reach out to me!

Sending out my love and positive thoughts to all my readers and inspiring women out there!

xoxo, Vivien